Step 1 - Own/Buy GTA V

If you haven't purchased a steam version of Grand Theft Auto V, follow this link to get yourself a copy.

Once you have your steam copy, install it and you are ready for step 2.


Step 2 - Download/Install FiveM

FiveM is the application we use to allow you to join our GTA V server. It's a free application that checks if you own GTA V on steam, then allows you to join the server.

Follow the link below, then click "Download Client".

FIVEM FiveM platform.

Step 3 - Find our server

Once you have loaded into FiveM, select the "Servers" tab at the top of the screen.

Type in "BlueBirdRP" to the search section, then click on our server.

Once the screen changes to displaying our server and the players on it, first click the "Favorite" button so you won't have to redo this process then click "connect".

Step 4 - Create a character

When you first join the server, you will see a box at the top centre of your screen.

Fill our the details for who your character in going to be.

Once you are finished with that, on the left hand side you will see options to edit your character.

Make sure you DO NOT hit "enter" on your keyboard until you have finished editing everything about your starter character as it will take you out of the customisation screen. If you do accidentally do this, contact an admin via our discord channel in the #support-request channel by typing "/ticket add Need a character reset". Admins may not always be on the server, so please give it some time for them to respond. Alternatively, you can go to your closest in game store and change the rest of your appearance there, other than your face, as a temporary measure.

Step 5 - Get a job, kid!

There are a heap of jobs around the city, and you are free to explore them all! Once you feel you have a handle on some of those and you want something with a little more interaction with your fellow roleplayers, you can apply for some whitelisted jobs on our "Applications" page. Make sure you apply for the "Civilian" role first, as you will need that before applying for others.